Improve Your Communication

There are many benefits to improving your communication skills — some of which aren't so obvious. Did you know that you can greatly reduce your legal risk? Many litigation cases are brought about due to poor communication, most of which have no legal basis.

But your patients will benefit too. Improving your communication skills can increase efficiency and your use of time, in addition to boosting patient satisfaction of consultations.

Using training techniques that are proven to work [Maguire & Pitceathly. BMJ. 2002 (325) 697-700], Effective Professional Interactions (EPI) has a range of courses and seminars that have been developed in-house and are designed to help you communicate more effectively and professionally.

Tailored Courses

EPI offers a wide and increasing range of seminars and courses — focusing on important topics for front-line professionals and using methods that have been shown to work.

The training is designed to fit in with your schedule and requirements. You choose where and when the sessions take place — and who attends — and we run it all for you.

Bespoke Training

Whilst EPI provides a fairly exhaustive array of material, every organisation has different needs and roles when it comes to communication. We can design a course or series of seminars to fulfill your exact training requirements.

If you would like to know how we can cater for your communication training needs, please contact us.